The secrets of Persian beauty and Swiss precision

Welcome to the Persian beauty and the Swiss precision in our beauty treatments and service in SBC




The most demanding women in the history of my country, the ancient Persia, resorted to caviar and plant extracts to stop time. Now, in Sara's Beauty Center we revives those methods in a combination with Swiss precision in advanced cosmetic, to present the most exclusive treatments without any machinery or technology in the cabin. Why not use any advanced technology? Simply because it is not essential to use, when using the best products of the West with the "savoir faire" of the East. As a beautician these two features are my passport to an endless journey of health and skin beauty.

Facials are our specialty at SBC, beginning with a dermal analysis, and the rest continues with the Swiss protocols of treatments. In my five years of study as a beautician in St.Gallen, Switzerland, I was fortunate to learn the four "Sternen" ("stars" in Swiss German), was repeated in class, that all steps in a dermatological treatments are important , take time, care and of course knowledge.

By combining the Products of high-end Swiss formulas with the traditional Persian cosmetology, we are also rescuing the customs of the Persian women to stay beautiful. As an example I remember my grandmother had a peeling that was produced with sugar cane, and then hydrated the skin with caviar while sipping her chai (tea) in the kitchen, and with hot towels for her face to relax. She ended her ritual using the chai (tea), as a tonic! That acted as an astringent and reduced the “bags” under the eyes. Why not repeat that ritual uniting the Swiss cosmetology and the Persian botanicals in a framework of the traditional habits of Oriental beauty?

In Sara's Beauty Center we unite the two worlds, the precision of Swiss cosmetics, resulting in the advanced biochemicals of the West mixed with the cosmetics and the ancient traditions of beauty in ancient Mesopotamia to make us feel as beautiful as we deserve.

The result is a powerful cocktail of Persian aromatic oils and plant extracts with Swiss creams of high purity in composition, with exclusive formulas to treat the most delicate skin or skin punished by time.

One of the best known treatments for my clients is the facial with Persian caviar and hyaluronic acid (Restylane). Used before an important event, the results are instant. Prevents sagging skin, maintains its smoothness and recovers natural luminosity. You don’t want to make any other facial.


Treatments by the hairdresser of SBC


To be receptive to what our customers want is important to us. For it is only then that you as our client can explain what you have in mind for your hair treatment, unafraid to change your mind about your cut or color (before starting SBC, on several occasions, in beauty salons, it gave me some embarrassment to change mind about my choice of cut, hair dye when I had already chosen and communicated to the hairdresser who attended me, knowing that 99% sure, I would soon be receiving a grin or hear the onomatopoeia "uffff" or the phrase "we can no longer ...... ".


Our intention is that in SBC, you will never be afraid to ask advice or change your mind about your hairstyle or color, and our professionals shall only communicate "we can not" if you actually ask for something that really is impossible, also for our hairdressers, who are at the forefront of the latest fashion in cut, color, styling, treatments and hair care.


The atmosphere at SBC

The soft lights, the cozy atmosphere and the white pureness invites you to relax in a SPA-like enviroment, where the two worlds fusions, the East, with its relaxing music and atmosphere, and the West, with its high quality product range. All this in combination with the gentle humor of our professional beauticians, hairdressers, masseurs and physiotherapists, will make you feel you're in the right place to get away from everything and everyone, being totally in focus during all this time that you have given yourself.


Welcome to us at Sara´s Beauty Center, where time is for relaxation and beauty


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